12 Days of Aeven – Armors and RPGs!

12 Days of Aeven – Armors and RPGs!

Welcome back to 12 Days of Aeven, where over 12 days we will try to reveal something every day about the upcoming Aeven re-release.

Armor and rpgs, no not the explosive kind. We asked ourselves recently at Aeven what makes certain RPGs fun. We asked ourselves and dug really deep. Okay not really that deep. But uh, progression! Getting that new piece of gear to replace your old one. It was there, it’s always been there, but not like this.

Armors will now give stats separate from player perk point increases. Originally, we just made armor have no real stats, just hardcore mana and speed reduction. Along with the damage reduction of course. Now armors, depending on rarity, will provide either:

  • +1-6% Defense
  • +1-6% Attack Damage
  • +1-6% Health *mostly applied alongside other stats
  • +1-6% Intellect(mana)


Stats? Stats? But wait there’s more! Remember all those RNG names that were applied to items? Well we picked some of our favorites, and depending on what the name is it could get an extra +1% to its roll. On top of this extra +1% for exotic types and lower, they will now(with optifine) also have unique appearances. More caster looking stuff for the +intellect. More rough guy looking stuff for +strength, etc. Legendaries for the time being will not do this with appearance. But without further adieu, some screenshots:

Example of a Well-Rolled Honed Piece:

Example of Well-Rolled Exotic Piece:

Example of New Legendary Stats:

‘Caster’ Light Armor:

‘Melee’ Light Armor:

‘Caster’ Heavy Armor:

‘Melee’ Heavy Armor:


Until the next late post! -Love, Verrys

Also Merry Christmas!