12 Days of Aeven – Days 5, 6 and 7 Wow!

12 Days of Aeven – Days 5, 6 and 7 Wow!

Welcome back to 12 Days of Aeven, where over 12 days we will try to reveal something every day about the upcoming Aeven re-release.

Is that a bird? A plane? No! It’s Verrys! Hello folks who follow this. If you want to skip the excuses, head to the next paragraph.  I wish we had a better excuse than ‘we forgot’ for our 12 days of Aeven. But, we got caught up in working on the server so much that we forgot day 5. I told the main hombre himself  Vastere to post it the next day, he forgot because he’s very sick with an ear infection, yadda yadda yadda. We ended up forgetting day 6 because hey! We’re human too. Now, there’s a little more to it than that, but we’re going to spare you. Let’s move on and get into the meat of what are days 5-7!

Day 5, Monetization: You may remember from the Orc post that we alluded to a new monetization model. This model will be something we call Tierite Chests. These chests will be purchasable through our store or earned every 3 combat levels. Once used in-game you will have a random chance to receive a cosmetic item that is automatically applied to your account. If a duplicate is received, the player receives it as an item, and can trade it with other players! These cosmetics range from ‘honed’ all the way to a ‘legendary’. Honed could be something like a simple red bandanna, whereas legendary might be a weapon worthy of the title ‘legendary’, one of our new shield skins, or even the coveted Armored Black Heart Horse.

But Verrys, what about my old rank? Since most cosmetic items used to be available through the old three-tiered rank system. (The ranks being Honored, Revered, and Exalted ranks.) Anyone who purchased these ranks, fret not! You will receive Tierite Chests equivalent to the purchase price of the rank regardless if it was discounted, at the rate of one per $2 spent.

Additionally, we are going back to our roots with Aeven Premium, rather than the three tiered ranks. This will be a monthly subscription that allows you to support us, giving you a ton of cool features. These include:

  • 10+ Colored Named Titles
  • 10 Daily Yells
  • 3 Daily Exp Boosts
  • 1 Free Tierite Chest Weekly
  • Discord Rank
  • Solo Dungeons
  • Priority Access
  • ..more to come as we grow


Day 6, Pirates in Arms! Tired of only hearing about the pirates near Calscada? Well they be here! ArRr! In the main world players will now be able to fight a small army of pirates who now call the island north of Calscada their home. Hailing from what most call the wooden grave of the South Seas, a den a depravity and lawlessness, these pirates don’t care much for the laws of Aobotsu and its territories. Followers of Kriegott, these pirates welcome glorious deaths in battle while taking what’s not.. theirs. With these hearty followers of Kriegott come some cool new cosmetics too! Much like the orcs, specific pirates will have a small chance of dropping some of these cosmetics. Sparing yer real gold from the clutches of Ver– ahem..

Pirate Hat With 2h Anchor Mace:

Eyepatch With Saber and Hook ‘Shield’

 Pirate Hat Trimmed with Rapier and Hook ‘Shield’


Day 7, Quest Tracker and New Player Experience: We did some minor things with quests dialogue to make it easier to understand and less cringey in some part (damn it past Verrys!). Along with that, most of the starting / easy quests are now trackable to help new players get acquainted easier with our questing. Tracking a quest is as easy as clicking on the quest in your menu. A compass will appear in the third hotbar slot and point you accordingly. Not much else to say here except for depending on how the community likes the quest tracker. Let us know, we may or may not implement it for more quests in the future 😉


Until Day 8! Wait it’s already day 8? Shit.