12 Days of Aeven – TOWNS! Days 9 and 10!

12 Days of Aeven – TOWNS! Days 9 and 10!

Welcome back to 12 Days of Aeven, where over 12 days we will try to reveal something every day about the upcoming Aeven re-release.

Hey skaters, Verrys here. Back at it again at the krispy kreme de la kreme. Aeven. Let’s not beat around the bush here and get into who really stole Christmas AND Hanukkah. Day 9 and 10 of 12 days of Aeven. Let’s just jump into it.

Day 9 Bonanza of Beards.. and Other Stuff. On top of all the other sick new cosmetics, there are some cool new ones regarding Aobotsan style and pirate facial hair.

Beards! Now available in gray, black, blond, red and brown!

Fashionable Aobotsan hats!

Day 10 Towns and Guild Income. Yes you read it right, towns. The long awaited towns will finally be in the re-release. Build towns with your friends using master homesteading, complete with guild hall. These guild halls will allow players to gather a new type of ‘currency’ called Tierite. Originally discovered by Tieracus as a good way to store and use mana, this new mineral will be obtained in a multitude of ways. Whether it be dungeons, mechanics in the open world, or just mining it very very slowly. This currency can only be collected if you have or are a member of a guild.

Guilds you say? Well Verrys! Why would I even want to spend the dozens of hours required to even start a town, let alone working with others to make the guild hall! Pfft. Well, legendaries. Legendaries will require Tierite in this latest version of Aeven. On top of Legendaries players will control land for gold, Tierite, and other resources. Guilds will be able to tax, hire town guards, set the guard’s hostility to other factions or players and much more in the future. And what I’m personally more excited for is something we hope to bring in new and more hardcore players. What I’m talking about is the funky monkey– money, boys. Our top 3 guilds will get 3% of our total profits, each. With a linked paypal of course. We’d love to hear your feedback on this and its implications. Thanks for reading Shredders. Love, Verrys. <3