12 Days of Aeven – Guild Halls, Raiding, and Release Dates

12 Days of Aeven – Guild Halls, Raiding, and Release Dates

Welcome back to 12 Days of Aeven, where over 12 days we will try to reveal something every day about the upcoming Aeven re-release.

An example of a player-built town with a first-level guild hall. Your town could look like this!

Day 11 – Guild Halls & Raiding

Time for some more details and clarifications on the details of how towns and guilds operate! And some answers to some pretty common questions and misconceptions.

  1. Is the town the same as a guild? No– A town is just a place where you build structures and houses. However, a guild must have a home base. This is where Guild Halls come in. Once you construct a Guild Hall in a town, you can form a Guild that acts as the government for that town.
  2. How many friends can I invite to my guild? A guild can have up to 36 players when the supporting town is large enough. The base size for guilds in small towns is 12 players.
  3. Can a guild have multiple towns? Yes– you can build a proxy Guild Hall in other towns for them to become a part of your guild. However, you must conquer that town’s existing Guild Hall first!
  4. Wait, conquer? What do you mean conquer? Town raiding will be a feature. Your primary goal as a raider is to destroy the opposing guild’s Tierite storage. Only guilds that have amassed a large enough Tierite storage to be volatile are vulnerable to raids. In order to destroy the Tierite storage, you must take advantage of the fact that it’s an unstable mass of mana… and blow it up!
  5. I don’t like that my town is vulnerable to attack. With great power comes great responsibility. If you want your town to remain safe, you can do so by keeping your Tierite storage small. But if you want to get the biggest  advantage and coolest items from your town, you’ll need a lot of Tierite, and be ready to defend it from attacking players!
  6. You mentioned last time that the best 3 guilds will make some money. How is that measured? The top guilds are those with the most Tierite in their storage at the end of the month. The guild leader will receive the money and distribute it however they please among their guild members.
  7. Can I make anything else other than Legendaries with Tierite? Of course! Many powerful structures in your town will require Tierite to be powered and maintained over time. You can hire guards, run shops in your town, construct a jail for invaders, and even build special structures like a Portal Room, all powered by Tierite.

Day 12 – Release Dates

Okay, okay, fine, we will tell you when you can play it…

We’re hosting a testing weekend January 11 through January 13.

We will use the information gathered on that weekend in order to make balance changes, bugfixes, and final adjustments and additions for our final full release, which we will announce after the testing weekend!