12 Days of Aeven – Orcs and Armaments

12 Days of Aeven – Orcs and Armaments

Welcome back to 12 Days of Aeven, where over 12 days we will reveal something every day about the upcoming Aeven re-release.

ORCS, MIGHTY ORCS! Orcs strong and fierce; despite what the Calscadans say, the Orcs have a rich culture that was decimated when Tierranicus’s volcano erupted, forcing the Orcs to the surface. Responsible for most of the writings and drawings depicted on the cave walls beneath the rock, they are the brains and subsequently the smiths of their people. Twisted axes, warped staves, and crude two-handed swords are the choice of weapon for many orcs. Players will have a small chance of obtaining these new weapon cosmetics either through our upcoming cosmetic monetization or the killing of specific Orcs.

New Cosmetics!

2h Axe:


2h Sword: