12 Days of Aeven – Tierranicus Reveal

12 Days of Aeven – Tierranicus Reveal

Welcome back to 12 Days of Aeven, where over 12 days we will reveal something every day about the upcoming Aeven re-release.

Conquer the South Seas’ greatest foes in the Tierranican Highlands! This new island is the most unforgiving terrain you’ve yet seen in Aeven, featuring a towering active volcano at its center. A dense jungle, a beautiful coastline, and treacherous cliffs await you.

The Highlands also feature Aeven’s first world boss. World boss encounters will require the coordination of a large group of players to defeat.

Additionally, there will be several exciting new things for players to do in Tierranicus, further developing the lore of the world as a whole… and in the coming days, you’ll have a chance to learn more about the enemies you’ll face here.