Update 3.0.1d – 3.0.2

Update 3.0.1d – 3.0.2


  • New bow texture.


  • Fixed an issue where you would always get 250 gold on respawn, rather than the intended 10% loss.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hotbar icon items to appear dropped when they should not have.
  • Fixed issues with knockback calculations and damage calculations.
  • Fixed a bug where useless debug info was sent to everyone’s chat.
  • Fixed issue with shield damage calculations.
  • Fixed issue with arrows not having correct direction(getting hit by arrows from behind when actually not etc).
  • Fixed second wind passive.
  • Fixed issue with bow drawing and shield holding when directly over entities.
  • Fixed bug with horses dying and their rider’s being removed… from the game. Like literally disappearing.
  • Fixed an issue where you could throw olive oil.
  • You are no longer able to use spare cosmetics as weapons.
  • Only new players will get 250 gold on spawn.
  • Fixed an issue where shields and parrying would jitter when looking at an NPC or Player.
  • Fixed a bug where the cooking menu wouldn’t correctly open in some cases.
  • Fixed counterattack and it’s respective achievements.
  • Fixed shield blocking for NPCs.
  • White Heart Horse now correctly displays.
  • Fixed Kriegspirat quest logic in a few spots.
  • Fixed bug with minigame event registration. (some games such as blacksmith would not always operate properly)
  • Fixed an issue where the AFK timer would not work correctly.


  • You will no longer respawn with a minimum of 250 gold.
  • Nerfed drop rate for world drops from crops.
  • Knockback mechanics have been slightly adjusted.
  • Drastically reduced chef job time.
  • Removed knockback from weapons due to multiple issues and optimization.
  • Expanding logging for item destruction.
  • Removed the iron ingots vendor from Calscada. Iron ingots are only player-tradable resources now.
  • Lockpicking experience gains increased.
  • Added crafting for bulk arrows.
  • Calscadan Leather can now be turned into 4 normal leather.
  • Increased skill points gained from prepping and cooking Homesteader foods.
  • Moved the Alchemy training tome to a different NPC.
  • Fire and Tent sections consolidated in Homesteader.
  • Day and night cycle has been adjusted.
  • Labor cost of cobweb gathers has been increased to 100, was 50