Update 3.0.3

Update 3.0.3


  • Player referral system has been added. You can refer players for Tierite chest rewards! (/refer)
  • Poisonous mushrooms can now be gathered with shears.
  • Added Tierite Chunks to The Foreman, Tieracus, and Rumbo’s Resistance.


  • Spitter drops have been corrected.
  • You will no longer be wanted for assault against party members.
  • Fixed tooltip for campfires.
  • Missing blocks for the chef job have been added.
  • You can no longer “steal” armorstand heads.
  • Fixed the door for A Letter In Wait p.2
  • Items that shouldn’t give profession points for higher ranks have been fixed.
  • Kicking players no longer combat logs them.
  • Killing mobs on Tierranicus now properly awards Rum’bo reputation.
  • Ogres have been fixed.
  • Modern Craftsman for bow and arrows now has the proper third recipe.
  • Seasoned food will be properly consumed in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where the Castra Lato miniboss room was missing.
  • —2-9-2019—
  • Fixed bug with stealing at low labor.
  • Fixed bug with low level food crafts not giving you the item.
  • Fixed water bottle related bugs
  • No longer able to deconstruct another player’s house(oof)
  • Fixed incrementing of water bottle and olive ingredients
  • Fixed issue with labor-regen in a foundation stage house


  • Added a new instance of Charon after Answering the Call is completed.
  • Added wheat salesman.
  • Certain jobs will now give you profession experience.
  • Chef job timings have been adjusted.
  • Changed basic Healing Tonic from rank 5 to rank 3 requirement.
  • Hard AI mobs are smarter about mounted combat.
  • Bandages are usable in combat but have an increased cast time.
  • Horse death has become more impactful.
  • —2-9-2019—
  • Reduced gold amount from gold scavenging perk from 200% to 100%.
  • Buff to potion skill point gain.
  • Refinement kits now give more skill points based on mini-game score(“strikes”).
  • Player’s can now unrent their rented homes.