Moving On

Moving On


Haven’t been paying attention the past couple weeks to anything on here due to me being really depressed. Chris and I barely talk due to him being so busy. We only have enough money in our paypal for the server due to the server cost refreshing and being ~$70-80. So as you can guess, this will more than likely be the last few weeks to log into Aeven. I loved making worlds, stories, spells, and concepts to implement into the game. However, I can only go so long without seemingly making a dent for my efforts(span of ~4-5 years).. I geuinely enjoy interacting with the small community we have and I wish I could make a living off of that. But I’ve put far too much time into this and neglected other responsibilities to put as much effort as I was at certain points. It’s affected family life, and my mental health. Honestly. I still don’t want to give up. If you all let me know if you want this server to stay. Then I can set aside a little time every day. It’s just going to be that though, very, very little. I want and need to work on things that will better my real life so that I can marry my girlfriend, give her the wedding she deserves, and move out on my own(finally). As much as I hate to say it and am actually tearing up. I love this project with all of my heart but it has been holding me back for far too long. Even as just an excuse to not try as hard on other things in my life in hopes of this taking off somehow. Best regards in all of your lives to our dedicated players, I hope you enjoyed your time in Aeven. :smiley:


I also made some sacrifices working on Aeven throughout December to February that have quite frankly, messed up my semester for college in terms of grades. There is simply not enough time in my day where I am in life right now to work 16-18 credit hours in college while also juggling what feels like a full time unpaid job working on Aeven. In order to work on Aeven previously, I sacrificed my social life and study life almost entirely, and being in high school that often was okay, but now being in college I can’t afford to set aside those things. It hit me hard when I got the lowest grade on a test I have ever gotten in my life last month… I need to put real life first and at this point I feel like both Zac and I have come to a sort of ultimatum. We both had some talks about how we want to make significant changes in our real lives, but both of those will basically take our free time to zero. Between wedding arrangements, moving (perhaps even cross-country), college, family life, mental health, and all that. It’s with a heavy heart that I think for now, this will have to be the end.

In an ideal world, Aeven would be my full time job. But it’s simply not something we can do right now while also being able to deliver the polished and clean experience that we very much want to. Could we throw together shoddy broken features with our limited time? Sure, we could. But we wouldn’t be proud of it. We can’t deliver a game that we would be 100% proud of right now. Hell, I’m not happy with the amount of bugs that are in the game right now.

Anyway, this has turn into sort of a wall of text but we certainly hope you all understand why we have made this choice. Maybe someday we will be back, hopefully with an actual game, outside of Minecraft, or maybe a Hytale game if that takes off, and the stars align… But for now this will be the end of our chapter on Aeven. Thank you so much to every single one of you who set foot in our world. I say 100% honestly that each one of you (who has not DDOS’d the server) has impacted my life in a positive way with your endless support. This community, though small, has a heart of fire.


We will be making the following changes over the next few weeks.

  • The Aeven server will shut down on or before March 29, 2019.
  • The build server will shut down on or before March 29, 2019.
  • We have made backups of every part of the game server code, databases, and more.
  • Builders will be given access to all of their projects to download and use however they wish.
  • Refunds cannot be offered at this time since we used that money to run the server.

If you want to remain a part of the community, we welcome you to do so with open arms. Over the next few months I would like to convert our Discord server to a more general discussion platform for any possible future projects, or just a hub to remember Aeven as it were.