Resurrection Interest Survey

Resurrection Interest Survey

Verrys and I are looking for your opinions…

We are considering a re-release of Aeven Mana Wars with the following changes.

  • No more in-game purchases. Once you have our subscription, you’d have access to everything.
    • No more loyalty points, no more Tierite chests, just your in-game progress towards earnable rewards.
    • Things that were previously store-bought will all be earnable in the game.
  • Removed player towns. Player towns would be replaced with a simplified outpost system.
    • These outposts would be capturable by War Mode enabled players in guilds who fight over them for exclusive rewards.
    • Capturing an outpost gives you regional benefits like shops and city chat for your guild.
  • Focus on world content.¬†Most importantly, this new version of the game will be focused on exploration and adventuring.
    • Players will be rewarded by learning more about the world they inhabit, finding unique items, and conquering challenges.
    • Legendary weapons are now earned through their own individual quest lines rather than through crafting.
    • Cosmetics are now earned through in-game methods and activities.
    • Our priority would be adding new quests, new dungeons, and new spells to unlock.
  • Progress reset.¬†Since this would be a fresh start with a lot of changes, we would reset everyone’s accounts so everyone is on a level playing field.
  • Subscription-based access. In order to guarantee we have enough funds to keep the server up, we would charge a subscription.
    • This would be somewhere at or under $9 per month.
    • Again, no loyalty systems, and no Tierite chests.

We will only work towards resurrection if there is substantial interest, since we need to ensure that there would be enough funding for us to break even. We don’t care about profits, we care about bringing a memorable experience to our players.

Please fill out this strawpoll to express your interest.