December Guild Tournament ($100 Prize)

December Guild Tournament ($100 Prize)

With the launch of Aeven Mana Wars coming up close on December 2nd, 2019, I’d like to detail the new $100 Guild Tournament that will take place during the month of December.

Forming a Guild

Before you can even begin to fight for this prize, you need to work on founding a guild in Aeven. To do so, one player will have to earn Beloved reputation status with either the Aobotsan Territories or South Seas, then purchase a Guild Charter from the quartermaster for a hefty 50,000 gold.

A guild can have up to 31 players. Officers have a lot of power, so be careful who you promote!

Basics of Tierite

As guilds capture and defend outposts, you’ll be collecting Tierite, a valuable currency that can be used to fortify your land and craft powerful legendary weapons. Tierite can also be mined in caves throughout the world of Aeven.

When you hold outposts, you’ll generate some Tierite every hour, on the hour. So if you hold an outpost when the clock ticks over to the next hour, you will earn the spoils for that hour.

Maximizing Gains

There are 7 claimable outposts throughout the Aobotsan Territories of Peth’are and Vastere, and 5 outposts on the treacherous island of Tierranicus.

For outposts in the Aobotsan Territories, each one you claim will net you 1 Tierite at every turn of the hour.

For outposts on Tierranicus, the stakes are higher.

  • If your guild holds one Tierranicus outpost, you will earn 1 Tierite at the turn of the hour.
  • If your guild holds two Tierranicus outposts, you will earn 3 Tierite at the turn of the hour.
  • If your guild holds three Tierranicus outposts or more, you will earn 9 Tierite at the turn of the hour.

As you can see, holding a majority of the Tierranicus outposts is crucial to winning mass amounts of Tierite.

Guild Goal

To win the tournament this month, you will need to have the most total Tierite gained throughout the contest period. This does not include your spending. You can track your standings in-game– the leaderboard updates every 10 minutes.

The contest will start with the release of the first patch. We will post the date here when it’s available.

The prize money will be sent via PayPal or similar payment platform to the guild leader. Guild leaders can distribute prize money however they want to, so if you want a cut of the prize, be sure to join a guild that shares the spoils with its players!