Patch 2.0.2

Patch 2.0.2


  • Made it more clear that you need to sneak past the guards in the South Seas dock quests
  • Added hints for several quests’ start points
  • Boat tickets have been reduced in price
  • Bound for Aobotsu now gives replacement lockpicks if you fail


  • Fixed an issue where loot was not being received from dungeons
  • Fixed a display issue with Kriegott’s Arrow 
  • Fixed a bug where some mobs’ spells were not counting as magic damage
  • Burst of Power fixed to be based off of weapon damage
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t PvP in Corv’o’s Canton
  • Fixed an issue that let Outpost guards count crimes against their own guilds


  • Weapon balance changes across the board
    • Attack speed changed for many weapon types
    • Mace damage reduced
    • Axes can now cleave
    • Maces and Warhammers now have armor penetration
  • Parrying is now baseline 200% weapon damage, up from 100%
  • Parrying is now a 45% slow, down from 60%
  • Blood Drinker nerfed to 9%
  • Master at Arms can now parry magic effects for half damage and increased effects to 25% up from 15%
  • Burst of Power speed increase reduced by 15%, but increased window to deal damage
  • Counterattack increases parry absorption by an addition 100%
  • Counterattack slows the target when successfully used