Patch 2.1 Preview

Patch 2.1 Preview

As promised, here’s your first look at Aeven’s next major patch– everything you see here, and more, will be part of it. We look forward to playing it with you soon™!

Arena System 2.0

With this update, we’ve brought Arenas to the same standard of quality that you should expect from Aeven.

All-New Arenas

We did away with the old arenas and replaced them with 5 completely new layouts. Each arena now has a full-fledged spectator’s area as well, complete with concessions, an Aeven Shop, and an Honor rewards vendor.

Each arena also features unique challenges. In Vastere Arena, you’ll mind the slowing sands on the lower level. In the Tierite Caverns, you’ll have to traverse nauseating mana crystals. And as always, in the Aobotsu Arena, you’ll be minding that treacherous ledge– a fall is certain death!

Revamped Vastere Arena
New Calscadan Courtyard Arena
New Tierite Caverns Arena
Revamped Sewers Arena (Concessions Area)
Revamped Aobotsu Arena

Honor Rewards

Rewards for honor points have been added to the game. You can now unlock various kill animations, titles, and more through the Honor vendors. Honor vendors are present in each arena’s spectator concessions area.

I’ve blurred the cost because we haven’t decided on it yet.

There’s more to come on arenas. We’ll show you more as the system progresses!


We’re planning on hosting livestreamed PvP Tournaments in the new Arena system. These will have cash prizes starting at $20 USD. Tournament winners will also be eligible for unique in-game rewards. These tournaments will take place approximately weekly, depending on attendance.

We realized that the advent of the $100 Guild Tournament resulted in some unwanted toxicity and tension between our players. In an effort to create a more sportsmanlike competition, we are forgoing that style of tournament and it will be replaced with these smaller, but more frequent tournaments.

We understand some may be disappointed by this change, but we hope you’ll stick around to earn your spoils in this new format!


New Spell – Mana Strike

Infuse your weapon with mana energy, dealing 100% of your weapon damage as magic damage on your next melee attack and knocking them back ~2x further. Lasts one attack, duration ~9 sec. Drains more mana the longer it’s up.

New Spell – Shield Bash

Use mana to lunge forward, smashing your shield into the opponent’s skull. This effect stuns the opponent for ~1-2 sec and deals 75 damage.

These two spells are unlockable in-game and require no Aeven Shop purchase.

Shop Updates

New Spell Pack – Fire Mage

The Fire Mage pack will contain at least 3 new fiery spell cosmetics. We’re keeping the specifics a surprise for now, but look forward to more details soon!

For those dealseekers out there… we are planning on having a release sale for this item.

Custom Spells

Now available in our store, Custom Spells are for sale! Work with the developers to create a custom spell to your liking that will be put into the game. To get started, DM Chris#0640 on Discord. Availability for this package is limited.

New Interface Features


We’ve updated the hotbar. New icons and a modernized appearance. We’ve even swapped out the hunger bar icons for croissants!

From Left to Right Perks, Arenas, Quest Log, Me Menu

Perks Menu

The perk points menu has been modernized and consolidated. We think you’ll love the new visual and auditory design. Each star represents a perk, and the intensity of its’ glow shows how invested you are in each perk.

Quest Log

We’ve added new art to the quest log, turning it into an in-game world map! Each pin on the map serves as a quest category, and it doubles as a visual representation of the current world map.

Party Features

Party chat is here! Toggle it with /p chat. While it’s active, you’ll be able to chat with anybody in your party.

If that wasn’t enough, we also added the ability to track your party-mates on your compass. When they’re nearby, you’ll see a green in their direction.

Instances now default to Party Chat, regardless of if you have it enabled or disabled.

Improved Chat

Ever wondered what C or L chat stand for? You can now hover over the chat channel to see its full name. Additionally, you can click on someone’s name for a shortcut to /tell them.

Improved Direct Messaging

We hear you. /r is here. You can now reply directly to incoming direct messages. If you want to reply to a message other than the most recent, you can click the [Reply] button beside it.

In addition, /tell has been revamped to fit in with the rest of the chat UI. We also added a /t shorthand for it to help you save some time starting new conversations.

Updated Mob AI

We went through all of our mob AI and optimized the code from the top to bottom. This should reduce lag throughout the server, and improve AI and combat in many cases.

The new system also makes a lot of enemies more challenging– so hopefully nothing will be “too easy” or “too predictable” anymore. For example, charging Bulls are much more fluid and can actually climb slopes. Things that were previously clunky (i.e. applying spell effects) are now merged into base systems.

As this is a new system there may be issues, so feel free to file a bug report if you find something out of the ordinary. We will be continually working to improve the system as well.

Other Changes


  • Last Stand has been reduced to 60% from 80%. This ability was designed a long time ago before changes to the combat system. It was never intended to be as powerful as it was.
  • And a lot more in the works…

If you have any discussions about balance ideas, let us know in the discord general chat. We read all postings about balance and would love to hear your input.


  • Horse cosmetics are now added to your collection immediately on-buy.
  • The party [Disband] option was moved under the Party Leader options.
  • Improved the hiding of GUI element blocks. If you didn’t notice them before, you really shouldn’t notice them now.
  • And a lot more in the works…