About & New Player Guide

About & New Player Guide

Aeven Mana Wars is an unforgiving and immersive MMORPG experience that seeks to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Minecraft. Aeven is created by a very small team, custom-built from the ground up, guaranteeing a completely unique gameplay experience. Aeven boasts the best spell system that can be found on a Minecraft server, an expansive, realistic and lore-rich world, and intensely challenging dungeons. Players can specialize and master specific professions, establish new towns, and work together to conquer daunting foes. A punishing death system will keep players on their toes as they venture through the world of Aeven.

How to Log In

  1. Open Minecraft and go to the Multiplayer Menu.
  2. Click Add Server.
  3. Type Aeven Mana Wars as the server name.
  4. Enter mc.aeven.us as the server address.
  5. Toggle Server Resource Packs to Enabled.
    1. If you need to download it directly, you can do so here.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Click Join Server to play!


Our good friend and ManaSeer, NerdieBirdie, has been kind enough to assemble some video tutorials for Aeven that you can find here. Nerdie produces frequent Aeven Mana Wars content, and we highly recommend that you check out his channel if you are interested in the game. Additionally, if you find it easier to learn by reading, you can find information on our wiki. We highly recommend you start here with A Soa’s Guide to Living in Aeven.



The world of Aeven is detailed, lively, and beautiful. Our massive world is built to impress at every angle, and consists of nearly 15 square kilometers of beautiful, realistic terrain. Players will experience the vistas of Aeven, from the towering Peth’are Mountains to the idyllic South Seas. Players also will experience the effects of the world around them – becoming too hot or cold is always a distinct possibility, but players can use tools like fire and water to their advantage.

Castra Lato, Peth’are Mountains
Tierranican Highlands, South Seas


Aeven’s dungeons provide challenging puzzles, intense boss fights, and dangerous enemies not found elsewhere. Will you brave the most treacherous corners of the world?

Sepul Astu, Vastere


In Aeven, mana permeates the world. Players will learn and study new spells as they play, building on their ever-growing arsenal of abilities. Players can have two active spells and one passive ability at all times. This in conjunction with our unique parrying system allows for the most exciting combat you can find in a Minecraft server.

Aobotsu, Peth’are Mountains
Tierranican Orcs


The Aeven Team believes that quests should be interesting and difficult, not grindy and boring. In Aeven, you will discover interesting stories in every nook and cranny.

Dragon’s Stand, Tierranicus


Our deep professions system requires both skill and perseverance to master. High ranked craftsmen can create magnificent Legendary weapons, and gatherers can harvest the resources of the world. Thieves can steal their way to riches, and break into locked rooms and chests. Finally, survivalists can construct tents and cook hearty meals!

Aobotsu, Peth’are Mountains