Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the various titles mean?

  • ManaGuides are the Helpers of Aeven. ManaGuides are appointed because of their knowledge and helpfulness in-game. There is no application process – if we want you to be a ManaGuide, we will contact you and ask if you are interested.
  • ManaGuards are the Moderators of Aeven. They are promoted from ManaGuides, and can answer almost any question you might have regarding the game. They also track down cheaters, and have the ability to ban, kick, and mute players.
  • ManaSeers are the Youtubers and Twitch streamers of Aeven. These players help spread the word of Aeven, and are big faces in our community. They often make content around our server. Additionally, they are the only rank that has permission to post advertisements in chat.
  • AevenTeam is the rank held by the creators of Aeven, Vastere and Verrys. Their in-game usernames can appear as Vastere, Verrys, and Azuthere.


How do I play?

Click here for instructions on how to play.


What are Labor Points?

Labor points is a regenerative status that affects your ability to gather materials but does not affect your combat or mobility. The more labor points you have, the more you can mine, steal, and craft in at a given time. You can decrease the amount of labor it takes by ranking up the action’s respective profession field (i.e to reduce mining labor cost, you must rank up gathering). Labor points regenerate at a default rate of 1 point per second, and this rate can be increased with War Mode, checking into a rented house, or being in a player-built structure like a tent and campfire. Eating food will instantly give you their respective amount of points. The default maximum capacity of points is 1000, but this can be increased by owning a house.


How do I Form a Guild?

Creating a guild does not require any costs outside of the game. A player can set up a loose connection between friends and other members of the community and call it a guild, but in order to be an officially recognized guild, the player must establish one in-game. This requires the player to have to earn Beloved reputation status with either the Aobotsan Territories or South Seas and purchase a Guild Charter from the quartermaster for 50,000 gold. An in-game guild has the maximum capacity of 31 players,  so if the guild has more members than the capacity, it is highly recommended to create sub-guilds headed by guild officers. Officers have a lot of power, so be careful who you promote!