Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

What do the various titles mean?

  • ManaGuides are the Helpers of Aeven. ManaGuides are appointed because of their knowledge and helpfulness in-game. There is no application process – if we want you to be a ManaGuide, we will contact you and ask if you are interested.
  • ManaGuards are the Moderators of Aeven. They are promoted from ManaGuides, and can answer almost any question you might have regarding the game. They also track down cheaters, and have the ability to ban, kick, and mute players.
  • ManaSeers are the Youtubers and Twitch streamers of Aeven. These players help spread the word of Aeven, and are big faces in our community. They often make content around our server. Additionally, they are the only rank that has permission to post advertisements in chat.
  • AevenTeam is the rank held by the creators of Aeven, Vastere and Verrys. Their in-game usernames can appear as Vastere, Verrys, and Azuthere.
  • Honored, Revered, and Exalted are our paid Aeven Shop ranks.

How do I play?

Click here for instructions on how to play.

At what time of day do ranked perks reset?

The server is run in Pacific Standard Time, so all daily resets and changes will happen at midnight PST. This includes everything from holidays to free play weekend activities.