Great Mages

Great Mages

Archmage Azuthere

Archmage Azuthere was the High King of the ancient Kingdom of Avium, a kingdom that once spanned the entire continent.   He was the first to utilize the modern magic, which has a powerful negative effect on living organisms. When he siphoned mana energy from the land, it began to die and weaken, eventually causing the great drought that transformed Avium from a verdant forested land into a desert wasteland. Azuthere was the father and mentor of the three great mages, Tieracus, Aobacus, and Noleficus. After his death, the three sons fought over the crown. Unable to come to an agreement, they each took their followers in separate ways. Magic users are called DOA (Decendents of Azuthere) or SOA (Sons of Azuthere) because everyone with the power to use magic is descended from Azuthere. Over generations, these descendants become less powerful, but it is rumored that if you train well enough, you can become as powerful as the High King once was.


Great Mage Aobacus

The first Great Mage, Aobacus, led his followers to water in the south, founding the city of Aobotsu in the process. Aobacus was loyal to the land of Avium and felt that it should be healed.

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Great Mage Tieracus

When Archmage Azuthere passed, Great Mage Tieracus led his followers to an underground reservoir in Vastere, near modern Oraport. It is said that Tieracus there found the missing key to immortality for him and his people. However, such immortality had a price in sterilization. The followers slowly realized that eternal life was not as great as they initially thought, especially trapped underground. Tieracus locked himself in his keep to seclude himself from his angered followers, and presumably lives there to this day.


Great Mage Noleficus

The third and final Great Mage, Noleficus, was seen as the lesser of the group. His magical abilities were lacking in comparison to his elder siblings, and as a result, he was seen as the weakest. When Azuthere passed, Noleficus built a portal to lead his devoted followers to a faraway land, promising to allow no magic to taint it. He employed many descendants of Azuthere to help him create the portal but killed any who attempted to come through. While many saw him as ruthless, Noleficus’s followers saw it as a necessity and the only way to keep the new land alive. Noleficus, after his followers had completed their journey through the portal, destroyed it. He nor his followers have not been seen since that day.